Construction Services

Construction Services


Hands-on building approach to complete golf course facilities including project management for golf course and clubhouse facilities.


Complete renovation services of the golf course facilities including all aspects  from greens and tees to bunkers and irrigation systems.


Offering complete accounting services during construction or renovation to closely monitor progress in relation to budget.

Signet Golf Associates has provided complete construction services to the golf industry since 1995. Prior to that date, Peter Dejak, President of Signet Golf Associates was the general contractor on the first Jack Nicklaus II Signature Design, a Nicklaus Design Services project in Virginia as well as a Larry Nelson / Jeff Brauer designed project and he completed the grow-in for 5 golf courses.

Under the Signet name, Peter has continued to build complete golf course facilities including project management for golf course and clubhouse facilities.  Signet has completed a number of renovations including all aspects of a facility from greens and tees to bunkers and irrigation.

Signet will provide our client with complete construction services including all preliminary aspects of the projects as well as the financial reporting component.  Our hands-on approach and attention to detail will ensure our client the most efficient use of their funds as well as a project that will be completed on a timely basis with a high level of quality. With our agronomic background, Signet will also assist the client with the grow-in function of the project as well as providing assistance in staff selection.

Construction Services

  • Establish construction team with construction superintendent, on-site staff and sub-contractors needed.
  • Finalize construction costs and schedules.
  • Coordinate with area consultants, i.e. engineers and surveyors.
  • Coordinate with agency representatives on permit compliances.
  • Review construction procedures.
  • Complete golf course construction service by staff personnel or supervised sub-contractors including:
    • Golf course staking.
    • Clearing and grubbing.
    • Erosion and sediment controls.
    • Earthwork and shaping.
    • Lake construction.
    • Feature construction (greens, tees, bunkers).
    • Wetland mitigation.
    • Cart paths, bridges and bulkheads.
    • Finish grading and grassing preparation.
  • Coordinate weekly construction status meetings with contractor representatives and architect representatives with associated report to owner.
  • Institute a field log system to record all significant field activity, change orders, disbursement requests, etc.
  • Coordinate throughout project with architect or architect’s representative to ensure efficient movement of dirt, reasonable control of change orders and a finished product that will not be cost prohibitive to maintain.
  • Preparation of a complete equipment list and depreciation schedule.
  • Coordinate with architect and contractors on construction of clubhouse, cart barn and maintenance building.
  • Develop a punch list for each area of course construction and supervise the completion in accordance with contract specifications.
  • Development of grow-in budget.
  • Preparation of all facilities and inventories for opening of the golf course.

Financial Reporting Services

Signet offers complete accounting services during construction to closely monitor construction progress in relation to budget including:

  • Implementation of purchase order and receiving verification systems and procedures.
  • Accounting for all invoices and the allocation to appropriate cost centers (to maximize tax benefits).
  • Cash disbursements processing and procedures.
  • Payroll processing and allocation.
  • Accounting detail of fixed assets and depreciation calculations.
  • Compilation of monthly financial statements.

Monthly reporting services to the investors, financing institutions and federal and state taxing authorities include:

  • Monthly financial reporting.
    • Summary of revised estimated actual cost to complete the project compared to budget, by cost center and in total.
    • Monthly written project status report to accompany the financial statements, which discusses construction progress in relation to budget and the construction schedule and any other financial concerns that need to be reported.
    • Presentation of monthly financial statements including:
      • Balance Sheet.
      • Statement of Cash Flow.
      • Statement of Operations.
    • Revised construction schedule by cost center, which shows critical completion dates.
  • Coordination of monthly draw request with financial institution or investor representative.
    • Preparation of monthly draw request in summary and detail by cost center.
    • Submission of a copy of each invoice and contract supporting the detail of the draw request.
    • Respond to and resolve bank concerns regarding the draw request in order to have monthly disbursements made.
  • Tax reports to federal and state taxing authorities.
    • Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax reports.
    • Preparation and submission of property tax reports.

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